Below is a complete list of messages available on the site, listed in alphabetical order:

1 Corinthians

A faith that “Surely” believes

A Generational Kingdom

A Journey & A Goal

A New Generation

A Spoken Word Christmas

All things are possible

Always Remember

And so it begins

Apostolic Bullet Points

Appetite on the Altar

Are you an enforcer?

Are you being misinterpreted or just misrepresenting?

Are you ready to make it public?

Are you successful?

The Audience of Christ


The Basis of Relationship

Bible Faith

Bigger than my brain

Burning Books

Called and Qualified

Captain Obvious

Chik-fil-A, Free Speech & King Nebuchadnezzar

Chik-fil-A, Free Speech & King Nebuchadnezzar (audio podcast)

The “Christian” Label

The Christian Promise

The Christian Response

Church can be frustrating

The church has different borders than the U.S.

Commandment #1

A Commitment of Love

A Community with a Commission

Confident Boldness

Consumers and Producers

The Cross

The Cross (audio podcast)

Dealing with a fallen leader

Deliver your soul by destroying your fear

Demonstration of Love

Destiny & Decisions 

Did you burn your clothes?

Disinvited by the Pentagon

Do we have a labor shortage?

The Doctrine of the Laying on of Hands

Does your faith come with a disclaimer?

The Donkey Prophecy

Double Vision

Earthquake – a revelation of faith

Encouraging your faith

Everybody’s Fine

Evidence – What is the evidence that points out a Christian?

Faith and Need

Faith is a relationship

Faith that people can see

Faith that stands out

Fear has a cure

The Fear of the Lord

Focus on the vital few

Forgiven and Changed

Forgiveness is supposed to roll downhill

Freedom & Dependence

Fried Onions, Faith and the Spirit of God

Friendly Fire and Prophetic Faux Pas

Gay Christians?

General Admission

General Admission (audio podcast)

Getting used to the bad smell

Getting used to the bad smell (audio podcast)

God’s Invitation

The Gospel – we’re supposed to preach it

Grace and Truth

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Valentine’s Day

Have you been born again?

Have you been called?

He is bigger than me

He isn’t here

He wants us to know

Heaven’s Family Tree

Hired Servants and Heirs to the Kingdom

Holiness and the Holy Spirit

Hope for the Holidays and Every Day

How to read and understand the Bible

I don’t have to understand

In style but out of touch (with God)



Is the Cause Enough?

It’s not about me

It is not a standard if it changes

It is written vs. I have experienced

Jesus, Justice and Mercy

Jesus the Baptist

Joy – be a juicy Christian

Keeping it real

The Kingdom of Comfort

The Last Song

Letting the lepers in

Little Foxes

Living for Jesus

Living in the Promised Land

Living off of the treasure

Locating your treasure

Loneliness & Thirst

Looking for New Testament Leadership

The Lord Needs Them

Memorial Day

The Message in Me

The Message of Hosea

The Message of the Cross

The Ministry of the Believer

Mosque at Ground Zero

The most wonderful time of the year

Not Alone

Number Six

One person per year challenge

Our Engagement Period

Our Money

Our Promise

Our Promise (audio podcast)

Out of Focus

Parents and Children

The Passion of the Gibson

Paying to Get Away

Pentecost – The Manifestation of the New Covenant

People Matter…All of Them

Personal Relationship with Jesus


The Plan of God and the Expectations of Men

Plucking and Cutting

Politics and Religion

Position, Promise & Practice

Position, Promise & Practice (audio podcast)

Poverty, Wealth, Greed & Occupy Wall Street Protests

Power and Love

Praise, Faith and the Promises of God

Prayer: An Overview (Audio Podcast)

Praying, Voting & Living

Preaching or Protesting

The Price of Blood

Prince of Wholeness

Proposition 8 Takes a Punch


Provoked by the dream


Rapture – Are you ready?

Realizing your purpose

Receiving the gift

Remember Me

Risky Faith

Risky Faith (audio podcast)

Salvation – Our Part

Saved From & Saved For

Saying the same thing

Setting them up for success


Shepherds and Angels


Shining (audio podcast)

So, I was reading Daniel 6 this evening

The Social Gospel


Spiritual Eviction

Sticking Out for the Right Reasons

Studying and then Seeking

The Subject of our Dispute

Supernatural People

Ten years ago today

Things that love does not do

The Things We Say and Do

Tired of waiting for someone to do the right thing

Two “Power” Words

Undocumented Christians

Unhappy with your fruit?

Victory in Jesus

Victory over sin and shame

Walking Through

We Represent

We Represent (audio podcast)

What are our expectations?

When it’s time to move

When the wind blows

Who is holding your attention?

Who is standing in the pulpit?

Who killed Jesus?

Will you be our Queen Esther?

With liberty and justice for all

Work that faith


Worried about the end of the world


Your anger needs to go to sleep before you do



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