Supernatural People

Our faith is not established upon a path or religion through which men and women can find God. Our faith is established upon the redemption and salvation provided by God, who has made a way for people to know Him. Jesus is looking for me and Jesus is looking for you.

I wrote this brief exhortation in hopes of stirring your spirit. God is moving in the earth today and He wants each of us to be an active citizen of His kingdom. We are a supernatural people because we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

The church of Jesus Christ is established upon the resurrection of the incarnate Son of God from the dead.  Our faith is based upon the fact that a virgin conceived a child who came into the earth to save men from their sins.  The church was born on the day when the divine person of the Holy Spirit came upon those 120 believers, enabling them to live the God-kind of life.  Never in the history of the world has God desired to have a decrease in the moving of His Spirit through the church.  There has never been a soul that God wanted to see spend eternity in hell.  There is not one sick person on earth that God does not want to see healed.  There are no barriers in the heart and mind of God holding back the divine flow of power to and through His people.  The church of Jesus Christ is a supernaturally recreated race of redeemed humanity.  You are not the same as you were without Jesus, and if you are; you probably need to meet Him again.

There are no legitimate, biblical reasons for the church of Jesus Christ to be operating as strongly in the arm of the flesh as it is today and so poorly in the power of the Spirit.  For some strange reason believers have accepted the supernatural moving of the Holy Spirit as a revival, renewal, or divine visitation; when the Bible states that God recreated us as Christians to be the earthly home for  His divine presence (2 Corinthians 4:7).    It is as normal for a Christian to operate in the power of Almighty God as it is for a bird to fly.

We have been given something that rest of humanity has yet to experience, the Holy Spirit.  When we look at our lives once we have been supernaturally baptized by the Holy Spirit, we should expect biblical supernatural manifestations in our lives. This doesn’t happen because of anything that we have done but because we have become the house of the Holy Ghost.

God makes no distinction in the availability of His power.  He said, “all things are possible to him that believes,” (Mark 9:23).  God sets no prerequisites on which of His children He will allow His anointing to rest; He said, “and these signs shall follow them that believe in my name,” (Mark 16:17).  I challenge you to raise your level of expectation for your everyday life.   God has not designated specific days of the week for supernatural ministry to the lost and hurting of this world.  Everyday is an opportunity to see Jesus Christ meet the needs of humanity through our lives.  Everyday has miracle potential because everywhere you go Jesus goes.

We are serving an infallible leader who has infused us with irresistible power based upon the absolute truth of the Word of God.  There has been no restriction placed upon our lives from heaven concerning that which God is able to do in and through us.  So, take off every limitation that organized religion and the opinions of men have tried to bind you with and let’s walk in the power of the resurrected Christ who lives on the inside of us.

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