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Holiness and the Holy Spirit

Holiness comes from submitting our lives to the will of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us after we are born again. We don’t work to be righteous so that we can receive the Holy Spirit. We believe on Jesus so that we may receive that Holy Spirit who changes our hearts.

Morality and righteousness are truths that need to be declared at every level of society but as followers of Jesus we cannot divorce the changing of the human heart from the power of the Holy Spirit. God calls us to be holy (1 Peter 1:16) and even to be perfect (Matthew 5:48) and in order to fulfill this calling He sacrificed His Son so that our sins may be forgiven and that His Spirit could live inside of us.

Our message must not be repentance and righteousness. It is not enough to ask people to obey the Ten Commandments and live morally upright lives. We cannot expect holiness from those who have not received the Holy Spirit. If we do, we are asking people to accomplish through the power of their will what only grace can provide. Our message must be that of the apostles: Continue reading

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Are you ready to make it public?

Bringing our faith into the public arena means that our lives will come under the scrutiny of those around us. They will be looking for evidence of what we are proclaiming in our living. They will be looking for a difference between our lives and theirs (and the differences should be attractive). Christianity is more than “THOU SHALT NOT” but our lives should definitely demonstrate the “THOU SHALT NOT’s”. We should also be manifesting the character of Christ and a life filled with good deeds that come as a result of loving Jesus. Continue reading

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