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Hired Servants and Heirs of the Kingdom

This new life in this new Kingdom is not about making God happy with us because of what we do or do not do. This new life is about loving God with our entire being and loving people the way we love ourselves. It is about letting go of our will and our way so that we might embrace His will and His ways. It is no longer about building our own legacy or making our own mark upon society but it is all about expanding His Kingdom of which He has made each of us an heir. Continue reading

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Risky Faith

The answer to the call of God in our lives has to built upon the secure foundations of faith, hope and love. We have faith that the God who has called us will be with us; leading, guiding and directing our path. We have hope for the change that God will use our lives to make; affecting the lives of the people we are called to for His Name and His Kingdom. We have love for God and we have love for His people. It is these three that must drive us forward in faithful obedience to the call of God upon our lives. Continue reading

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