When the wind blows

We sing songs about the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing in our lives and our churches. The wind of the Spirit not only refreshes our lives as believers but often also blows away our fleshly support systems. Life in the Spirit requires a life of faith dependent upon the grace of Jesus Christ. Comfort and confidence in the strength of our flesh is not a sign of spiritual maturity but of a heart that is not fully surrendered to The Lord.

Please notice that I did not write that confidence and comfort are wrong but a reliance upon favorable natural circumstances.

As we approach Pentecost Sunday let’s ask the Spirit of The Lord to blow away the props and crutches of our flesh so that we may rely upon Him as our source and strength. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to blow away our spiritual facades that we may stop trying to appear spiritual and truly become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our world is in need of a manifestation and demonstration of the life changing power of the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. In order for this to happen, we the believers, are in need of a true revival not only in our belief but in our practice of our faith. Oh that we as the church could truly show the world Jesus not only with our words but with our lives.

So my challenge to each of us this Pentecost is to truly ask The Lord o blow upon us. May He blow us away that the world may see Jesus in and through us.

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.” (Matthew 19:26 NLT)

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