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The Fear of the Lord

We fear the Lord when we feel holy awe and reverence because of His glory, greatness, power and majesty. As believers in Christ it is both the love of God and the fear of the Lord that causes us to place our faith in Him alone for salvation. It is this fear of the Lord that produces in our hearts a confident hope and trust in Jesus. It is our realization of the greatness of God that causes us to humble ourselves, repent of our sins and receive the forgiveness, love and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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When it’s time to move

Our life of faith is antithetical to the world’s way of doing things. Our natural minds want a step-by-step plan from God before we move. Walking by faith requires us to trust that God has everything under control even when we cannot tell what is happening. We do not need to know our destination as long as we know the One with whom we are traveling. Continue reading

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