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I Don’t Have to Understand

Does our faith waver because we don’t have all of life’s questions answered? It shouldn’t. Our faith should remain solid in Jesus, He is the First and the Last and He knows all things. I don’t need to know or understand everything – I just need to know that He knows and understands it all. If I know that He knows I can relax and trust Him. Continue reading

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Quenching the Spirit takes places after repeated willful ignorance or disobedience to the written word of God and/or the leading of the Holy Spirit. Quenching the Spirit does not take place from a single act. Quenching the Spirit is a prolonged event that takes place when we choose to live disconnected from the influence and empowerment of God even though we have invited Him into our lives. We drown out His voice with that of our own and of the world. We replace His fire with our own passions. We replace faith and dependence upon Him with religion. Continue reading

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