Mosque at Ground Zero

There are no mild-mannered opinions on this subject, nor should there be. 

The U.S. government and the administration of President Barak Obama have voiced support for this mosque’s right to exist under the First Amendment.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is standing behind the building of this mosque.  Politicians from both sides of the aisle have weighed with their opinion on the matter.  Jewish rights groups have voiced their support of the building of the mosque.  Citizens of Manhattan and the rest of the U.S. do not seem to echo the same sentiment of tolerance and inclusion as the public face the political machine of our country seems to portray to the nation and world.  A recent poll shows that 72% of Americans oppose this.  This is a hot button issue that sparks passionate debate both inside and outside of the church.

Most Americans are not offended that there are Muslims in America.  Most Americans support freedom of religion and freedom of worship.  At our core we do not want to live in a nation whose laws will regulate what we can say, who or what we can worship or in what manner we may do so.  We support Islam’s right to exist in the United States even if as Christians we wholeheartedly disagree with the tenets of their faith.  We want to be able to openly live and believe that which beats within our hearts and in order to do so we must accept that those who disagree with us must also have the same rights.

Most Americans believe that it is definitely in wrong to build a mosque so close to the site where several thousand men and women died at the hand of Muslim terrorists.  It is seen as a desecration of the site.  If our leaders want to make Muslims feel OK in the U.S.  this is definitely not the way to have the rest of us feel OK about having them in the U.S.  It is a definite political, social and cultural victory for Islam to build this mosque.  It is a veritable securing of a beachhead in the United States.  It is another inroad for Islam.

Christians must realize that Muslims have a command to bring Islam to the world from the Koran in the same way that Christians were given the Great Commission by the risen Christ.  It should be no surprise to us that Muslims want to establish a mosque in every city, have Islam accepted in the media and government and its cultural influences to permeate our nation.  They want Muslim elected and appointed to governmental offices and to hold influential positions in every area of industry.  Islam’s ultimate goal would have us all as worshippers of Allah being ruled by Sharia law.

 Christians have this same goal, but with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We want to influence our culture and government.  We want to see every soul upon the planet born again and filled with the Holy Ghost.  We want to see every sin forgiven, every demon cast out and every life lived in the righteousness, peace and joy that comes from the Holy Ghost. 

So….   What should be the “Christian” response to a mosque being built so close to Ground Zero?

  1. If you disagree you should practice democracy and write, call and email your elected officials in protest.
  2. We should repent of our laziness and apathy.  The church is to blame that there are enough Muslims in New York to build this mosque.
  3. We should pray for the souls of all who worship Allah; that they may come to salvation through Jesus Christ.
  4. We should share the gospel with anyone and everyone who does not believe.

This mosque should be a wake-up call to American Christians.  Islam has landed in a big way in the United States and is fighting for the soul of our nation.  Muslims have been here for decades, but since the beginning of the “War of Terror” there has been a rapid increase in the number of Muslims in this country.

Muslims are men and women that Christ died to save.  There is no salvation in Allah just as there is no salvation in Buddha or any of the gods of India.  Jesus remains the one and only hope of salvation.  He is God and there is none other beside Him.

There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

There can be no negotiation at the table of the adversary on this one.  People have a right to believe and worship as they choose to and we have a right and a duty to share Christ with them.  We must not surrender our will to bring the Gospel to every living soul.  We must wholly disregard national political correctness so that those who Christ died to redeem will have the opportunity to be born again.

I challenge you as a Christian.  If you are disturbed that Muslims want to build a mosque what are you going to do about it?

  • Will you pray?
  • Will you fast?
  • Will you give?
  • Will you witness?
  • Will you love?

Protests, political speeches, zoning commissions or the First Amendment cannot solve this issue.  The Great Commission being fulfilled by men and women of God is the only answer to Islam in America.  The greatest weapon against false religion and error is the truth of the gospel being proclaimed and lived.

May each of our lives show forth the love, life, truth and power of the gospel so that the world may know through us that Jesus is alive.

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